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🌍PRO PLT Compact Ergo Handlebars 420mm only

🌍PRO PLT Compact Ergo Handlebars 420mm only

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The PRO PLT Compact Ergo Handlebars are a 2014 DB alloy bar which feature a compact bend and an ergonomically shaped top section, for optimal pressure relief.


Designed to provide you with a better sports’ bicycle experience the PRO PLT Compact Ergo Handlebars ensure control for less flexible riders, or for riders who are not as confident riding in the drops. The compact design to the bend of the drops requires a smaller change in position when shifting from the tops, which are ergonomically shaped for optimal pressure relief, or the hoods to the drops. Thus, making it easier for riders to change position. They are available in three widths (38, 40 and 42 centimetres), have a 31.8-millimetre clamping diameter and weigh from 275 grams (for the 38cm wide model).



-AL-2014 DB construction

-Compact bend to the drops

-Ergonomically shaped tops

-Suitable for less flexible riders

-Designed to make it easier to ride in the drops

-Sizes:42CM widths

-31.8mm clamping diameter

-Weight: From 255g


Partnumbers: PRHA0346/PRHA0347/PRHA0348

Color: Black

Down Shape: Compact

Drop: 128

Material: Alloy

Reach: 75

SeriesL: PLT

Top Shape: Ergo



Ultralight SmartForm C1 Premium Alloy Frame

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132cm x 24cm x 79cm

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