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Rotor UBB4630 386/PF4130/4630 BBright Ceramic Bottom BrackeT

Rotor UBB4630 386/PF4130/4630 BBright Ceramic Bottom BrackeT

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Rotor UBB4630 386/PF4130/UBB 4630 BBright

You, or more specifically, your choice of frame, motivated us to address challenges related to bottom bracket installation and durability – thank you. We embraced the task to improve upon so-called bottom bracket standards to give you the UBB4630. Crafted from 7000 series aluminum alloy, the UBB4630 uses a threaded sleeve to lock both cups in place – without having all the locking effort rely on the press fit shell, thus providing a uniform spin and avoiding undesired noises. The flush fitting in the press fit region prevents bearing overload and also improves bearing alignment for a longer bearing life. The external bearing location affords a smoother spin and increased BB shell stiffness for PF30 and BBright standards. The internal sleeve also prevents cable guides from rubbing against rotating parts.

Rotor UBB Press Fit 4630 - BBright - Road Ceramic Bottom Bracket - PF46-79-30

The steel UBB 4630 for the BBright bottom bracket standard is the newest member of the UBB family (Universal Bottom Bracket). The BB uses a threaded sleeve to connect both bearing shells. Frictions, which are typical for press fit sleeves, will be reduced with this connection. Dimensional tolerances of the bottom bracket shell can be compensated. The result is a better parallelism between the bearings and therefore smoother pedaling movement and lower noise generation. The external bearing cups increase stiffness. The better fitting of the bearing / sleeve unit protects the bearings against overload and the durability will be improved. The inner sleeve protects cables and electronics, because there will be no friction with rotating parts.

The BB is compatible with Rotor cranks only.

  • 100% CNC-machined, 7075 aluminum
  • Silicone seals and center sleeve
  • With extremely durable ceramic bearings

ROTOR bottom bracket PressFit 4130 Ceramic

With this bottom bracket, BB30 cranks from Rotor can be used in frames with a Shimano Pressfit mount . The bearing shells have an outer diameter of 41 mm. The bearings used have ceramic balls, which, due to their significantly higher hardness and smoother surface, are intended to minimize friction in the bearing and increase durability.

Technical specifications:

Material: Aluminum 7075
Bearing: double row industrial ball bearing in ceramic
Frame: BB86, BB89.5 and BB92
Crankset: BB30
Inside diameter bottom bracket shell: 41 mm
Bottom bracket shell width: 86.5-92 mm
Colour: black (ceramic)

Weight according to the manufacturer: 77g


Ultralight SmartForm C1 Premium Alloy Frame

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132cm x 24cm x 79cm

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