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Assioma DUO SHI Power Meter

Assioma DUO SHI Power Meter

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➡️Assioma Duo SHI(Rm2990)

✅️Designed for the compatibility with Shimano® road
✅️Assioma DUO-Shi has been designed for Shimano® road users, as it offers the opportunity to keep on riding with your current Shimano® pedal bodies* without giving up on the trustability and precision of Assioma.
✅️*Compatible Shimano® pedal bodies
✅️Assioma DUO-Shi is compatible with the following Shimano® pedal bodies: PD-R8000, PD-R7000, PD-6800, PD-R550 and PD-R540


Ultralight SmartForm C1 Premium Alloy Frame

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132cm x 24cm x 79cm

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